Club History

The Fort Worth Bulldog Club was founded in 1955 at Fort Worth, Texas. The club's historical records are not available, but the American Kennel Club has confirmed that the Fort Worth club's Constitution and Bylaws were approved and adopted on October 14, 1955.

Records do reveal that the club's first Specialty show was held on Saturday, November 3, 1956, at the South Side Recreation Center in Fort Worth, Texas. The show was judged by Mrs. C. L. "Flo" Savage from Los Angeles, California.

There was an entry of 53 dogs. The entry fee at that time was $5.00 for a champion and in the Bred By Exhibitor classes; $4.00 for Open and American Bred classes; $3.00 for Novice & Puppy classes and $2.00 for each additional entry.

The number of male entries required for a 5-point major show then was 18, but only 16 bitches were required for the award of 5 championship points.



Donna Wattenbarger

Vice President

Vincenza Pittman


Deirdre Jack
9136 Crandall Drive
Keller, TX 76244


Natalie McAfee

Board of Directors

Ward McAfee
Jim Wattenbarger
Tom Fuller
Deanna Crisco


The show catalog contains ads that include pictures of some of club members' dogs such as: Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Fuller and Fuller's Lonesome George, J.L (Red) Harvey and Ch. Harvey's Defender, B.J Walton and E.L Davis with Ch. Dickensbrae Sambo.

The club is a member club of the Bulldog Club of America and has been very active over the years ind BCA Division IV. Though the written history seems to be lost, the club is fortunate to have some pictures and a few of items that give clues to the rich past this club has enjoyed.

A club newsletter, dated April 3, 1957, reports that the club hosted BINGO games to raise money, had a Red Team and a Gold Team to help improve the club's membership, and that it planned a film on the C-section for the club.

Officers during the club's first Specialty Show were:
President: A.L Sutherland
Vice Pres: W.H. Irvin
Treasurer: Lynn McCormack
Secretary: Grace Sawyer
Corresponding Secretary: Frances McCelland
Director: Adele Irvin
Director: W L Fuller