Health Testing

The Bulldog Club of America is dedicated to preserving the breed and to continuing to work to improve the health of the dogs our members breed.  BCA has implemented several approaches to achieve this end, including health testing.

  • First, we provide opportunities for our members to health test their dogs in a number of ways.  We have established programs to recognize those who perform regular health testing on their dogs or who participate in health research studies.  We work with independent health testing organizations to develop independent measures to test canine health.  Links to the OFA and CHIC standards are on the other Health Testing pages, along with information on our Health Testing Awards.

  • Second, BCA encourages health testing for sires and dams used in breeding future generations. View our two page handout on why you should health test your dog. View the standalone Bulldog health testing matrix.

  • Third, we have our Breeder Referral Program for members who agree to meet the standards set by BCA, including our Code of Ethics and Breeder Code of Ethics.

  • Fourth, we support health research to find and remedy the causes underlying diseases found in the breed. To do this we have established The BCA Charitable Fund to provide funds to support this vital research and we also work jointly with the AKC Canine Health Foundation.