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Our breeder referral members are highly respected members of the Bulldog Club of America.  Therefore you can rest assured you will find a reputable breeder within this site. Careful selection of your breeder will ensure you will bring home a healthy, well adjusted new member to your family.

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About Bulldogs

Grown Bulldogs

These pages provide information and places to obtain the information needed to make intelligent decisions about Bulldogs. Before you bring a dog into your home or breed your dog you should have a basic familiarity with the Standard for the Breed and the information contained on this site.

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Fun Zone

Bulldog Play

Looking for opportunities to have fun with your Bulldog? AKC events like Trick Dog, Agility, Conformation, Obedience and Rally are just a few we can help with! Because it is always more fun teaching your dog to love events like skateboarding, barn hunt, lure coursing and dock diving.

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No one knows Bulldogs like The Bulldog Club of America

We’re here to help!

We offer guidance on how a bulldog should look, move and act with the Breed Standard our club adopted in 1896!
Look in the About Bulldogs menu for the official breed standard we authored for AKC.
Do you need fellowship with like minded Bulldog lovers? We have Member Clubs from coast to coast.  The About BCA menu has links to help you locate a club near you.
Did you know the entire family can be involved? Find out more ways to involve your whole family in our Kid Zone, which can be found in the Events menu!

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2019 BCA National Specialty

When: Nov 24 - Nov 30, 2019       Where: San Ramon, CA

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Elgene Davison / Elgene Davison


Phone: 619-251-8170

Elgene Davison


Puppies Occasionally
Stud Service


Conducts Health Testing
BCA Hall of Fame Breeder
AKC Breeder of Merit
Local Club Member

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What Bulldogs CAN Do!

Lucy Hayes:  This 7’3” jump earned Stella an invite to the NADD/AKC Eukanuba Nat’l Championships !!!

She will compete in the Lap Junior Division.
We hope to attend and we would be very proud to represent healthy English Bulldogs

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