Often referred to as "English" Bulldogs it is important you choose your Bulldog wisely.  Find an AKC Bulldog with help from Bulldog experts in our Breeder Directory.  It is the best place to start if you definitely want a puppy or are considering a retired show dog.  BCA Breeders are required to adhere to the BCA Breeder Code of Ethics.  If you are looking for an older dog in need of a home and a loving family contact the Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network (BCARN).

  • We have one Canadian member in the Breeder Directory.  At this time there are no BCA Breeder Referral members in the Breeder Directory for Mexico or other countries.  We encourage our members in other countries to apply.

  • If your State does not appear in the list it does not have BCA Approved Breeders.

  • For information on becoming an approved breeder click Here .

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