BCA Breeder's Code of Ethics
(November 2011)


This Breeder's Code of Ethics is written keeping the best interests of the Bulldog at heart. Conscientious breeders should exceed bare minimum requirements and expectations, setting a standard for all others to follow.
The goal always being to produce quality Bulldogs that closely conform to the Breed Standard, of even temperament, vigorous and free of health problems, to that end, I hereby pledge to:

General practice: Applicants to join BCA must agree to all below when applying for Membership.

1)   Maintain the highest possible standards of health, cleanliness, and care, in all aspects concerning Bulldogs.  This includes, but is not limited to; providing a healthy diet, maintaining clean living situations sufficient for a healthy Bulldog, providing adequate veterinary care, and proper socialization.

2)   All Bulldog bitches being bred shall be sound, free of health problems, and have typical structure and conformation and shall be of sound temperament.

3)   A responsible breeder will not compromise a bitch's health or quality of life for the prospect of a future litter.  The bitch's health, age, and number of litters should be considered priority over all other interests regarding future litters.

4)   The responsible breeder shall not breed a bitch prior to 18 months of age, unless determined to be in the best interest of said bitch by a Veterinarian due to medical problems such as pyometra.

5)   After a bitch is (5) years of age, her owner should seek the opinion of a veterinarian regarding her health for breeding.

6)   A responsible breeder will not permit a bitch to produce three consecutive litters unless breeding consecutive litters is recommended by a veterinarian. Responsible breeders do not over-breed their bitches.

7)   A responsible breeder must not allow a puppy to leave for its new home before the age of 8 weeks.

8)   Responsible breeders refuse to sell or recommend breeders who do not conform to the ideals and obligations expressed in this Code and shall not engage in wholesaling litters or in individual sales or consignments of pups or adults to pet shops, dealers, catalog houses or other commercial establishments, nor shall they be donated or given as prizes in contests, raffles, or fund-raising events, no matter how charitable.

9)   A responsible breeder shall be available to his buyers for whatever reasonable advice and assistance they may need.

10)   The responsible breeder will ask the buyer(s) to advise the Breeder if they are ever unable to care for their Bulldog, so that the breeder can either take the dog back or help assist in placing the dog in a new home.

11)   A responsible Breeder shall, upon notification by rescue, assume responsibility for any rescue-surrendered dog bred by their bitch. .

12)   All potential stud dogs shall be sound and have typical structure and conformation and shall be of sound temperament.

13)   Responsible stud dog owners should refuse stud service to bitches not registered with the A.K.C. or a registry recognized by A.K.C., and any bitch considered to be in poor health, physically or mentally unsound, or lacking in the necessary breed characteristics as set forth in the Bulldog Standard.

14)   Responsible stud dog owners should encourage bitch owners to breed only if they have facilities, time and resources to adequately care for a litter and upon strong evidence of the possibility of finding suitable homes for the resultant litter.

15)   If the stud dog is unproven or has had breeding problems in the past, such information shall be provided to the owner of the bitch before the bitch is bred.

16)   All Breeders using websites to market their puppies shall include a link to the BCA website.

17)   All Breeders shall register micro-chipping, tattooing (using the AKC litter number) or other form of permanent identification for all dogs placed.

Breeders are encouraged to:

a)   Supply a pedigree of no less than three (3) generations plus AKC registration papers.

b)   Supply records which detail all dates and types of medical care given the pup, including all vaccinations for the pup’s age.

c)   Shall request that buyers take their pup to a veterinarian of their choice within 10 days of receipt, and if the pup is deemed unhealthy or if the buyer is not satisfied that the pup is as represented by the breeder, offer the buyers a full refund of the purchase price paid, or another puppy. (All shipping to be paid by the buyer).

d)   Spay and neuter and support the use of limited registration on all Bulldogs, puppies and adults, sold to pet homes.

e)   Utilize written agreements, clearly stating the conditions and terms of service, including but not limited to, stud services and puppy or adult sales.

f)   Conduct health testing of all breeding stock to BCA minimum requirements.

g)   Have their veterinarian conduct a "well puppy exam" on all bred puppies prior to delivery to a buyer.