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  • As soon as a dog with of a slightly „ deviating “ – type starts winning , the ball starts rolling. The dog goes to the ring of honour , the one judge bends over to his neighbour and says ; „ have you seen that beautiful dog ? “ Breeders and exhibitors notice that judges like that particular dog and start trying to breed or to buy that type of dog. At such a moment the original Breed Standard does not seem to be of importance to some exhibitors , winning in the show ring is all that matters to them.

  • In recent years, there has been increasing public attention and legislative activity at all levels of government relating to the care and treatment of dogs. As responsible dog owners and breeders, we all want to ensure that those who mistreat animals are held accountable for their actions.

  • We are looking for some videos of your Bulldogs to submit to the BCA YouTube Channel to show the public what we see everyday ....life with our Bulldogs!

  • The Bulldog Club of America’s (BCA) position continues to be that the breed in the right hands has proved through many decades to be healthy, normal companions for thousands of owners who have chosen Bulldogs as their preferred breed.

  • Bulldog owners are generally aware of the dangers of hot summer temperatures, but many other dog owners are not.

    Feel free to share this so that any unaware dog owner can learn from the message.

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