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The Bulldogger

The Bulldogger is the Club’s  Premier Publication.  This  journal is published triannually for members and subscribers of the Bulldog Club of America.  The purpose of this journal is to further interest in the Bulldog breed, and to give recognition to individuals and events of interest.

Every Bulldog Club of America member receives The Bulldogger in the mail.  It is also mailed to all licensed Bulldog judges as an educational tool.

Bulldogger Copy DEADLINES!

4/1, 7/1, and 10/1
Each Issue goes out 1 month after deadline.

Creative Director
Katie Gochev

Assistant Editor
Annette Nobles

Past Editors:
Richard Maze
Wally Newbill
Ray Knudson
Angela Ross

Advisory Board
Robert Newcomb
Link Newcomb

Senior Copy Editor
Barbara Morgan

Copy Editors
Jessica Thornburg
Tracy Storck
Lauren Quatrocci
Gail Harris

Stacey Gann Trentham
Elizabeth Hugo-Milam
Sam Steding
Becky Krumwied
Robin Gordon Stowell
Bea Page

Stacey Gann Trentham

Selection Committee:
The Bulldogger Cover Dog selection committee shall consist of 5 members:
• Current BCA President.
• Current AKC Delegate for the BCA.
• Current Bulldogger Editor.
• 2 additional members shall be longstanding BCA members who are
selected by the current BCA Executive Committee.

Submission Criteria:
• The deadline for all submissions is August 31. Submissions must be
mailed or emailed to The Bulldogger Editor Jay Serion.
• Each submission should include a photo of the dog and a list of
accomplishments for the committee to consider.

Cover Dog Criteria:
• The dog must be deceased.
• The owner must be a BCA past or present member.
• The dog or bitch must be an exemplary example of the breed by meeting
any of the following 4 categories:
a) Conformation – a BISS winner under a breeder judge.
b) Whelping Box – a Hall of Fame member, sire or dam.
c) AKC Performance Events – a dog that has met the eligibility criteria for
the BCA Hall of Fame for Companion Events OR has advanced-level
(beyond Novice) AKC titles or advanced titles from other organizations
that are formally recognized by AKC (through its Titles Recognition
Program) in at least 4 events OR must have been awarded an AKC
Versatile Companion Dog (VCD) title.
d) Miscellaneous – (A) a CH dog that has exhibited excellence in a variety
of the afore-mentioned categories.
(B) a dog that does not meet the cover dog criteria but has displayed
conspicuous gallantry or devotion to duty or service. (Must receive a
unanimous vote from the cover dog selection committee.)
• Conformation voting weight in no particular order:
a) BCA National wins
b) Best in Specialty Show wins
c) Best in Show wins
d) BCA accredited awards
• Whelping Box voting weight, in no particular order:
a) BCA National winning get
b) The win of record of get
• AKC Performance Events voting weight, in no particular order:
a) AKC recognized titles in order of achievement and difficulty.

Selection Process:
• The members of the Selection Committee shall meet during the BCA
nationals at the beginning of the week. The Selection Committee will
review each nominated dog, and a vote will follow. The 4 dogs with the
most votes will be awarded a cover on one of the upcoming year’s issues.
Ties will require further committee review, followed by a vote until 4 dogs
have been selected.
• The 4 cover dogs will be announced at the BCA banquet.
• A dog may be nominated yearly if they have not previously been awarded
a cover.
• Historical significance will be evaluated and considered when considering
dogs of different time periods.
• All decisions are final.

The BCA National Council has directed that The Bulldogger regularly feature obituaries or death notices of Bulldog Club of America members or previous members at no cost.

BCA members or friends and family of a deceased member can submit obituaries or death notices of deceased BCA members or former BCA members by notifying the appropriate BCA Division secretary for verification of membership or former membership, when possible.

Division secretaries will then send notification of the death to our staff member Robin Stowell, @ bulldawglady@hotmail.com

Robin will review the information submitted and compose an obituary or death notice and forward it for final approval to Editor, Angela Ross for publication in The Bulldogger.

The following guidelines will be strictly adhered to:

Obituaries should not exceed a maximum of one-half page in length or approximately 150-175 words or less. High resolution photos considered by our editor to be suitable for reproduction may be accepted, provided that adequate space on the Obituary Page is available. Up to 300 words can be used with no photo submission.

Contents of the obituary or notice should be concise and confined to the deceased’s primary involvement with Bulldogs, including service as officers in the BCA or any of its local member clubs.

Other information pertaining to the deceased’s age, residence, established kennel name, BCA awards and member club memberships can be included. Personal information such as occupation and immediate family members are appropriate but should be limited. Long lists of champions owned by the deceased should be avoided.

All obituaries and notices will be edited on a space-available basis and corrected for spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization by the Copy Editor.

Obituaries and notices should be less than six months old at the time of publication. The editor may modify the length and content of all obituaries and notices to fit allocated space.

Exhibitor Advertising Rates

  • Color *Full Page $200 * Your ad will also appear on the BCA homepage scrolling marquee ( you can use ad or recent win photo)  and in the Digital Bulldogger (coming soon)!
  • B&W *Full Page $100
  • Color *Half Page n/a
  • B&W *Half Page $60
  • Extra Photo Color $50
  • Extra Photo B&W $20
  • Color *New Championship  $50 (B&W n/a)
*Includes one photograph.

Color covers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Front is not for purchase.
  • Back Cover, $600
  • Inside Covers, $400

Payment should be made in advance on The Bulldogger storefront. Please click HERE.

Any questions, please contact:

The Bulldogger Editor

Commercial Advertising Rates

  • Color  *Full Page  $250
  • B&W  *Full Page  $125
  • Color *Half Page N/A
  • B&W *Half Page $90
*Includes one photograph.

Extra Photo
Color $50
B&W $20

Color covers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

  • Back Cover, $600
  • Inside Covers, $400

Payment should be made in advance on The Bulldogger storefront. Please click HERE.

Any questions, please contact:

The Bulldogger Editor

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