Club History

In the beginning the club was referred to as the Bulldog Club of Colorado until written petition was made to be recognized by the American Kennel Club. At that time the AKC requested that the club change its name to include a more definite area in the event that other Bulldog clubs might be formed in Colorado Springs or Pueblo.

A change was made to Bulldog Club of Denver and has remained as such.

The first recorded history of the Bulldog Club of Denver was on Aug. 1, 1947, when a group of 17 Bulldog breeders gathered with the express purpose to determine if a Bulldog specialty club was desired by breeders and owners in the area.

Meetings were held on the first Tuesday of each month in a different member’s home. In attendance at this first meeting were Ed Payne, Harry and Evelyn Low, Rex and Norma Magee, Mable Harback, Bob and Opal Hurt, Raymond Crabtree, Elsie and W.B. Karr, Virginia and Paul Grogan, Pauline and Harry Jacobsen and Bill and Barbara Austin.



Sara French

Vice President

Landon Richards


Laura Anninos
is 8115 E Harvard Circle, Denver CO 80231


Karen Trevino

Past President

John Thompson

Board of Directors

Stacie Richards
Susan Rohringer
Ken Sanford
Cheri Siegrist


At this time those in attendance elected officers to serve until November when an annual election would take place to elect officers for the next year.

Elected to office were:
Mable Harback, president;
Bob Hurt, vice president;
Raymond Crabtree; treasurer;
Evelyn Low, secretary.

The Board of Directors included: Harry Low, chairman; Paul Grogan and Harry Jacobsen. On August 17, 1947, the newly elected Board of Directors met with the purpose of drawing up a constitution and bylaws for the newly formed club.

On August 28, 1947, to meet the requirements of the bylaws, Mable Harback and Opal Hurt were also elected to serve on the Board of Directors.

The next meeting was held on September 2, 1947, and a motion was made and unanimously passed that stated any person(s) in attendance at this meeting or any previous meeting would be considered a charter member of the new club.

Those people who were listed as charter members were: Ed Payne, Harry and Evelyn Low, Rex and Norma Magee, Mable Harback, Bob and Opal Hurt, Raymond Crabtree, Elsie and W.B. Karr, Virginia and Paul Grogan, Pauline and Harry Jacobsen, Bill and Barbara Austin, Margaret Bartram, Gordon R. Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Bartram.

On Nov 2, 1947, an annual election took place and unanimously elected to retain their positions were all the previously named and elected officers and board of directors to serve another year. Following this meeting, Mr. Cecil Karl Dingman judged the club's first AKC-sanctioned Match, and Mr. Harry Low acted as ring steward. Ribbons were purchased by Mrs. William Austin to be awarded along with a trophy given for the Best in Match.

Sometime in 1948, a request was made to the American Kennel Club for recognition. After revisions of the constitution and bylaws approval was received from the AKC on January 19, 1949. The Bulldog Club of America was then petitioned for acceptance and a request made for information to incorporate the new club.

On March 27, 1950, the BCA formally invited the Bulldog Club of Denver to become a member of its newly reorganized Parent specialty club.

It was unanimously voted to send membership dues and a membership list to the BCA. On June 5, 1950 the Bulldog Club of Denver officially became a member of the Bulldog Club of America.

With its requirements fulfilled and matches held, the Bulldog Club of Denver made an application to the AKC and the BCA to hold its first Specialty Show in conjunction with the Colorado Kennel Club shows. This show would be held on September 23, 1949 at the stockyard complex, with Mr. W. C. Schrader judging.

On February 5, 1950 the Bulldog Club of Denver held its first AKC-licensed specialty show with Mr. F.A. Dascher judging. It has gone on to hold many subsequent successful shows including multiple BCA Division IV shows and BCA National Specialty Shows.

The Bulldog Club of Denver continues to be one of the premier clubs in Division IV and its membership list grows each year.