The Bulldog Club of America Charitable Fund, Inc. (“BCACF” or the “Fund”) is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1999, with the help of, and initial funding from, The Bulldog Club of America, Inc. (“BCA”).  This BCA affiliated organization works for the betterment of the Bulldog breed through the funding and support of health research and education.

BCA Charitable Fund, Inc



Mail Checks to:  BCACF  c/o Nancy Newcomb, Treasurer
19653 E. 1180 Rd. Elk City, OK  73644

The Charitable Fund is operated by a Board of Directors. Fund Officers, who manage its ongoing affairs, are elected by the Board from within its members. All members of the Board must be members in good standing of BCA. All project funding requests are considered by the Board within the stated purposes of the Fund and based on their merits in the best interest of the Bulldog.

President - Dan Bandy
VP - Elizabeth Milam
Treasurer - Nancy Newcomb

Directors - Jodi Ball, Kathy DelGrande, Ed Harris, Jennifer Joseph, Bob Newcomb, Jay Serion

In its earlier years, the Charitable Fund primarily invested in health research projects conducted through the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation (the “CHF”). This enabled us to take advantage of the CHF’s well-established research program as well as to maximize our investment, as the CHF matches funds contributed by BCACF. The projects supported by the Fund were studies of Pyometra, Hypothyroid Disease and Cystinuria, all disorders known to affect Bulldogs. However, because the CHF conducts research into relatively few Bulldog-related health disorders, the Fund has more recently begun seeking opportunities to work with other parties interested in researching Bulldog-specific issues.

The Fund has committed funding to an independent study into Fetal Hydrops Syndrome or Anasarca, more commonly known simply as water puppies, a problem encountered by many Bulldog breeders over the years. But because independent researchers lack the organized program and support staff that exists within organizations like the AKC-CHF, this project has taken longer than anticipated to make progress toward its stated goals. However, the Fund remains committed to pursuing the study and it is continuing to move forward, and we also remain committed to identifying other opportunities to pursue independent research to accelerate progress into the health issues affecting our breed.

In addition to supporting the above BCA committee programs, BCACF has provided a grant to subsidize the first 100 participants in a Trachea Study conducted through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (the “OFA”). As many people are aware, some Bulldogs are not “good breathers,” and the idea was introduced to the Fund by the BCA Health Committee Chairperson as a means to develop a grading system for Bulldog trachea size in order to begin gathering some baseline information for the breed.

Health research is a slow process, but as the saying goes, “The longest journey begins with the first step.” We would welcome your support as we proceed on the long journey. If you would like to help us further the BCACF mission and continue the work we’ve begun, please donate to the Charitable Fund.