National Specialty


After careful consultation between the BCA National Officers/Executive Committee and the Officers and Board of BCA Division VII we regret to announce the 2020 BCA National Specialty will not be held as planned.
We have been working diligently to respect the safety and concerns of our judges, exhibitors, and spectators. Even though we are beginning to see dog shows of significant number occur, the BCA National Week is unique. Factors which led to our decision included:

• Over time the loss of five of our eight judges, with some actually being ill with COVID 19.
• After a survey it was determined a large number of people who usually attend and/or exhibit are restrained by state and local        quarantines and cannot attend.
• The entire structure of the event would need to be changed as currently SC still has a limit on the number of people who can be in an area: for example, the show room, the grooming area, the banquet area, the restaurant, and any hospitality would be almost impossible.

This decision was not easy. We are disappointed and feel the pain and disappointment of those who have worked so very hard for so many months to make this an exceptionally wonderful group of specialty shows and events, and the people who have put many years into breeding and producing dogs they are excited to exhibit this year. The BCA Executive Committee, together with the support of both the 2020 and 2021 National Show Committees, are making plans to integrate the 2020 BCA National Specialty into the 2021 BCA National Show Week, pending AKC approval. This scheduling decision is also pending the AKC delegates’ vote in December on an amendment to the AKC Dog Show Rules which would allow a Parent Club to move its cancelled 2020 National Specialty to 2021.
The BCA Division VII team will be reaching out directly to sponsors, exhibitors and attendees with information about providing refunds.  If you have not been contacted and wish to request a refund please Click Here.

Refund Information

Future National Specialties

At the current year National Show Banquet held on Friday evening of the show week, the information for the following year National Show is revealed. This information includes specific Location, Judges and some of the special events planned for exhibitors and visitors.

Unless rotation for the National Show is changed by the Executive Committee, this function will be hosted by the following Divisions in the years specified:

2020 - Division VII
2021 - Division IV
2022 - Division VIII
2023 - Division V
2024 - Division I

2025 - Division VI
2026 - Division II
2027 - Division VII
2028 - Division III
2029 - Division VIII
2030 - Division IV

2031 - Division I
2032 - Division V
2033 - Division II
2034 - Division VI
2035 - Division III

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