Logo Usage Policy

The Bulldog Club of America, INC (BCA) owns all rights to the Registered BCA Logo.   No one is permitted to use the logo without the explicit written consent of the BCA.  This includes the logo as used on the BCA website and any other official BCA presence including Social Media or emails.

BCA Original Logo

Original BCA Logo

BCA Digital Logo

Digital BCA Logo

BCA Logo Usage Policy: Approved by the BCA Council, November 2019

Use of BCA Logo and Disclosure of BCA Membership:

  1. Logo Use

    Without the written consent of the BCA Executive Committee in advance, BCA members, including member clubs, are not authorized, to use the BCA logo in any commercial manner whatsoever, including application of the logo to apparel or other items intended for sale. This restriction applies equally to the members who are Approved Breeders on the Breeder Referral Directory and those that are not. This restriction does not apply to incidental uses of the logo, such as having a BCA logo decal on your car or wearing a jacket bearing the logo, so long as such uses are noncommercial in nature.
    In addition, notwithstanding this restriction, a BCA member is allowed to use the BCA logo as a hyperlink to the BCA Website so long as the hyperlink includes a reference identifying the logo as a hyperlink such as “For further information about BCA, please visit…”

  2. Disclosure of BCA Membership

    Any current BCA member may disclose his or her membership in BCA as a statement of fact to any person or in any media of any kind, including in advertisements or on websites which promote a breeding program or the sale of adult dogs or puppies; provided, however, that no BCA member is authorized to use their BCA membership as an incentive or other marketing or sales tool in any commercial activity (other than acceptable use solely by those BCA members included in the Breeder Referral Directory) or to suggest that BCA endorses or guarantees a specific advertisement or offer to sell adult dogs or puppies.
    Any BCA member may make factual statements about health testing done by that member in general or for specific dogs, including disclosure of health test results and any awards or other recognition the member’s dogs have received related to health. In addition, any BCA member may disclose BCA’s current health test recommendations to any person in his or her discretion.

  3. Illustrative Examples

    a. A BCA member discloses her membership in the Bulldog Club of America as part of a listing for the sale of puppies on the AKC Marketplace.
    b. A BCA member discloses his membership in BCA on the home page of the member’s commercial website which frequently lists puppies and adult dogs for sale.
    c. A BCA member places a decal with the BCA logo on his personal vehicle.

    Not Permissible:
    d. A BCA member discloses his BCA membership in an advertisement for the sale of a puppy and indicates that the BCA membership ensures the buyer will get a healthy dog.
    e. A BCA member discloses her BCA membership and says that all her puppies come with a BCA seal of approval.
    f. A BCA member places more than one BCA logo decals on his/her booth at the pet fair promoting the sale of puppies.

  4. Application of this Policy and Effective Date

    This Logo Usage Policy shall be in effect and apply in full force from the date it is approved by the BCA Council. Because the BCA logo is also the logo of its eight Divisions, the Logo Usage Policy shall not apply to the use of the BCA logo by any BCA Division so long as such use is authorized in advance by the Division Board. No Division shall have the authority to grant a license for a third party to use the BCA logo without the advance written approval of the
    Executive Committee.