Club History

An ad was placed in a New Orleans newspaper inviting those interested in the breed “Bulldog” to a meeting at the Beach House Restaurant on Sunday, August 9, 1951. A group of 12 met and decided to form a bulldog club to be named the Bulldog Club of Louisiana.

The following officers-were elected: Charles T. Nelson, president; B. Nettelton, vice president; and Mrs. Lewis Holmes, secretary-treasurer. The Board of Directors was: G.A. Duplantis, Alvin Lichtenlag, Lester Christian and Ralph Guff.

The annual dues were set at $3.00 for individuals and $5.00 for couples.

An application for a sanctioned match was submitted to the AKC for approval, and the first formal "A" Match was approved and held on November 18, 1951, in New Orleans. The judge was Dr. Bourg Wadell, a local veterinarian. The entry was 26 dogs. Best In Match was: Charleens Susie of Draftsman, owned by Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Nelson. This bitch later completed her championship.



Stephen Mentz

Vice President

Rachel Girior

Secretary / Treasurer

Kathy Mentz
4841 Kawanee Ave.
Metairie, LA 70006

Board of Directors

Melaine Farrell
Brett McDonough
Corraine Ravid
Dr Joe Ravid

Jane Tuck


A second "A" Match was held on May 4, 1952, with Mrr. Jack Burencohr judging an entry of 26 dogs. Best In Match was: Charleens Beau.

On August 22, 1952, the club was incorporated, and The Bulldog Club of Louisiana's charter and bylaws were approved and sent to the AKC.

On November 4, 1952 a white elephant sale was held and Mr. Ben Mathews, a Bulldog breeder and judge, was the auctioneer. The fundraiser was a huge success. A bed pan with a hole in the bottom of it even brought in a few bucks.

On November 15, 1952, about 15 months after its formation, the Bulldog Club of Louisiana Inc, held its first Specialty show. The judge was Mr. Floyd Lanham, who judged an entry of 47 dogs, including four champions.

The show was held at Germania Hall in New Orleans. The superintendent was Mr. A.D. Richardson. The entry fee was $4.25, and a total of 40 trophies were offered and 48 plaques were made by Mr. Christan and presented to each exhibitor.

The Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex winners both came from the classes: Nuggetaires Huckberry, owned by Everett McNeese of Dallas, Texas; and Marquissa, owned by T.E Minhinnette of Alabama.

As an interesting antidote, the Best of Breed winner passed out due to heat exhaustion. The show veterinarian had to be called, a shot was given, and the dog revived in time to be presented with the Best of Breed award.

Best in Sweepstakes at this show was: Belwood Buddy, owned by Mr. Earnest Schofield. The sweepstakes classes were judged by Mr. Ben Matthews. Later that evening a judges dinner was held at the Court of Two Sisters in the city's French Quarter.

In August of 1954 the Bulldog Club of Louisiana invited specialty clubs in the area to a meeting for the purpose of forming a specialty association. Seven clubs met and the Specialty Association of New Orleans was formed.

The Bulldog Club of Louisiana hosted its first National Specialty on April 3, 1955. The judges were Frank Carolin, West Orange, New Jersey, and Roy Wingo, Daly City, California. A coin flip decided who would judge Best of Breed and the dog/bitch classes.

The entry was 52, including five champion specials. Mr. Carolin selected Ch. Huckberry Linday Nugget, owned by J.R. Wilburn of Texarkana, Texas. This dog was shown by Red Harvey. Best of Opposite Sex was: Ch. Hardins Dagmar, owned by Everett McNeese.

There were three beautiful girls on hand to present the trophies. Following the show, a dinner was hosted at The Latin Dining Room. Attending were Dr. E. M. Vardon, president of the Bulldog Club of America, and Paul Maddox, vice president of the BCA..

On October 23, 1976 the club celebrated its 25th anniversary by hosting a specialty at Rummel High School in Metairie, Louisiana.

Mrs. Marylyn Dundas judged an entry of 43, plus nine champions. Best of Breed was: Ch. Marinebull's All The Way, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Karl Dingman. Best of Opposite Sex was: Hetherbull Arrogant Whim, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hetherington.