Come along with us and learn how to show off what you and your Bulldog can do!
As your guide we are excited to show you all the fun activities you CAN do with your Bulldog.

Lucy Hayes has this to say about Stella: I’ve had fun assembling this video of Stella and my journey since she started competing in June of ‘18. Full of lots of ughhhhhh! Usually its my fault, and I've learned a lot. I love her sassy. Keep in mind this girl rarely breaks a sit stay or goes off course in class...she saves her sassy for competitions.

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Learn how you and your Bulldog can compete at fun events!

  • It’s the world of canine sports and events.

    • Learn how to train the next Viral Agility Bulldog like Rudy.  Read more about getting started in AKC Agility.
  • It’s one of the best ways to deeply bond with your Bulldog. It’s great exercise. And it just might be one of the most personally rewarding endeavors of your life.

    • Does your Bulldog need training?  How about starting with AKC Obedience?
  • Something special happens between owners and their dogs when they train for an event. As you and your dog develop the skills necessary for each sport – and then demonstrate what you’ve learned – you experience a sense of accomplishment like no other. With your dog beside you at each turn, you become a true team in every sense of the word.

    • You and your Bulldog working together to achieve a common goal.  Rally is about Teamwork.  Learn more about AKC Rally.
  • Participating in canine sports is often not just about winning ribbons or trophies, either (although a healthy competitive spirit doesn’t hurt). Most dog owners say it’s the many personal rewards that keep them coming back event after event. And, we often hear that the friendships with other dog owners that are developed at these events are as important as the events themselves.

    • Is your Bulldog speedy?  Needs to burn off some energy?  AKC Lure Coursing is designed for event newcomers who want to see what their Bulldog can do!
  • There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in sports and events, as AKC holds more than 22,000 events each year. Whether you just train for fun, or actually compete, we guarantee that you’ll feel a sense of pride at seeing your Bulldog in his “happy” place, showing off new skills and accomplishing incredible goals — together.

    • Does your Bulldog have a good nose?  Can he find the treats hidden away?  Tracking may be the event for your Bulldog!