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Versatility Awards Program

Fast Cat is just one of the many titles Bulldogs can earn towards a Versatility Award

BCA Versatility Awards Program

BCA Performance & Civic Activities Committee (PCAC)
Approved by the BCA Council – November 2019
Effective 12/1/2019
Authored by Bea Page (PCAC Member), in collaboration with Betty Fisher (PCAC Member) & April Paulman (PCAC Chair).
This awards program was developed to give parent club recognition to our BCA members’ Versatile Bulldogs – those that are successful in a variety of sports and other activities.

It is intended to reward those who have already succeeded in varied fields of endeavor, and also to incentivize more Bulldoggers to enter a multitude of events.  As a benefit of BCA membership, we hope it will appeal to Performance Bulldoggers who may not be BCA members, so they'll consider joining.  No one knows Bulldogs like BCA!

These awards are also a formalized way to celebrate the purebred Bulldog’s soundness in body and mind, intelligence, trainability and capabilities as well as the bond between Bulldogs and those who work in partnership with them to attain multiple achievements that exemplify these qualities.

The sports included at this time are: Conformation and the Performance Events of Obedience, Rally, Standard Agility, Jumpers Agility, Coursing, Tracking, Odor Search Scent Work, Handler Discrimination Scent Work, Barn Hunt, Drafting/Carting, Dock Diving, Flyball, Herding Instinct, Weight Pull, Treibball, Parkour and UpDog. The civic activities included are: Canine Good Citizen, Temperament Testing, Farm Dog Certification, Trick Dog, Stunt Dog, Therapy Dog, and Search & Rescue.

The system used for determining awards qualifiers was created to give appropriate credit and honor to BCA members’ purebred Bulldogs for different combinations of the number and level of the numerous and varied achievements they have acquired. There are seven tiers, with the first tier set to accommodate the minimum requirement: at least 3 sports, or 2 sports + 2 civic activities. Each specified achievement has an assigned level & point value.  The format was designed to be simple to use, fair, and to comprehensively serve the BCA membership at large (both domestic & foreign).

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