Club History

The first organizational meeting of this Colorado club was held on June 24, 1983.The club was the dream of and later founded by members Bonnie Stansell and Dee Ann Jordan. There were 13 members when the club was formed.

The charter members are listed as: DeeAnne Jordan, Robin Stansll, Bonnie Stansell and Lee Ann Tate. They held their election of officers on October 27, 1983, and their first officers were:Dee Ann Jordan, president; Richard Parker, vice president; Bonnie Stansell, secretary; Lee Ann Tate, treasurer, and newsletter editor, Barbara Graham.

The club held three successful informal "fun" matches called AKC "B" Matches, prior to their first formal AKC-sanctioned "A" Match, which closely resembles AKC-licensed events. The first fun match was held on September 10, 1983, with Dr. Saul Schor judging.

The second fun match was held on December 3, 1983 with Corrine Winnick judging. The third fun match was hosted on June 9, 1984, with Sandy Coffman judging the entry.



Vice President



Newsletter Editor

Club Breed Columnist

Judges Educ. Coordinator

Breeder Referral


The club held its first formal AKC-sanctioned "A" Match on December 1, 1984, at the Creative Arts Building, State Fairgrounds, Pueblo, Colorado, with Dr. Jack Brown judging an entry of 15.

The second formal AKC-sanctioned "A" Match was held June 9, 1985, with Ann Hood judging a very good entry.

The third and final formal "A" Match was held on November 30, 1985, with Laura Lee Holand judging. The club held its first AKC-licensed point show on June 9, 1989 at the Colorado Army National Guard Armory, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Mr. Jack Potts did the honor of judging an entry of 38.

The officers who saw the club through its first pointed show were: Charles Davidson, president; Marty Wood, vice president; Lee Ann Tate, secretary; Cindy Scott, treasurer; and newsletter editor, Richard Gandolf.

Many educational programs that are beneficial to the breed have been conducted. Included were topics such as: To breed or not to breed; Educating the public on the Bulldog breed; and Specific Health Care of the Bulldog.

Some of the past presidents during the 1980s and early 1990s were: 1984-Richard Parker; 1985-Dee Ann Jordan; 1986-Bert Earnest; 1987-Lee Ann Tate; 1988-Richard Gandolf; 1989-Charles Davidson; 1990 and1991-Dee Ann Jordan; 1992 and 1993-Les Morrow.