8 agility bulldogs

Another bulldog-filled weekend of agility at TNT Dog Center in Midland Michigan. From the left Chelsie Bentz with *Ty, *Marshall and Mitchell, Pat Bentz with *Lulu, judge Ronda Bermke holding Gibson (run by Cindy Madill Berry), Cindy Madill with Booker, and April Paulman with *Boomer, Mindy and Billy.
*Four of the five Bulldogs that will (hopefully) be competing at the AKC Agility Invitationals are in the photo! Missing is Georgie who lives in another state.
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In order to acquire an agility title, a dog must earn a qualifying score in its respective class on three separate occasions under two different judges. Like Obedience, Agility titles are differentiated by the degree of difficulty associated with the exercises the dog has to perform. The AKC will identify dogs qualifying for titles by the appropriate title designations NA (Novice Agility), OA (Open Agility), AX (Agility Excellent), or MX (Master Agility Excellent)) following their registered names in all official AKC records. In each case, the higher title will supersede the preceding title in all official AKC records.
The maximum attainable score in any class is 100 points. The qualifying score (for placement) is 85 or above, with no disqualifying faults.

The higher the level the fewer faults allowed. Agility is fun for dogs of all sizes, from the small Yorkshire Terrier to the giant Irish Wolfhound.

In order to acquire the Master Agility Excellent title a dog must acquire the Agility Excellent title and earn qualifying scores in the Agility Excellent class at ten (10) licensed or member agility trials. Credit toward the Master Agility Excellent title cannot be earned at the trial where the dog acquires the Agility Excellent title.

The number of obstacles used for a class is specified for each class, with 12 to 13 obstacles used for Novice, 15 to 17 used for Open, and 18 to 20 used for Excellent. Certain obstacles are mandatory for each class. Unless otherwise noted, the additional obstacles used to provide the required number of obstacles must be either a Single Bar Jump or other Single Jump, Tire Jump or Open Tunnel. However, the One Bar Jump shall only be used in the Excellent Class.

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  • Miscellaneous Titling Classes

    There are various miscellaneous title classes including Jumpers with Weaves, F.A.S.T. (Fifteen and Send Time) and Time2Beat are intended to be a fun and competitive way to demonstrate a working relationship between dog and handler.

  • Other Venues

    NADAC (National Association of Dog Agility Club),  Austrailian Shepard Club of America (ASCA), United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA), United Kennel Club (UKC), CPE and Teacup Dog Agility (TDA)

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