Division Secretaries and/or Division Membership Chairs

Developed by BCA Membership Advisory Committee

This page is only available to Logged in Members.  It is intended for use by Division Secretaries and Division Member Chairs.  Other members may find the below informative.
Division Secretaries and Membership Chairs are often the first point of contact for prospective new members, so every effort should be made to be courteous, helpful and informative.  The BCA Membership Advisory Committee has developed this New Members Packet to help you.

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BCA New Member Complete Packet for Divisions PDF

Cover    PDF    DOC

Checklist    PDF    DOC

Welcome Letter    PDF   DOC

What is BCA    PDF   DOC

Benefits of BCA    PDF   DOC

Mentor List    PDF   DOC

Division Points of Contact    PDF   DOC

Glossary of Terms    PDF   DOC