The conscientious breeder plans a breeding to reproduce the best characteristics of an outstanding sire or dam. His guide is the official AKC recognized Standard of the breed---the written "blueprint" that helps keep the breed uniform for generations to come. (You can find the breed standard under About Bulldogs.

Owning a quality bitch, getting her pregnant, and having puppies does make you a breeder of pure-bred dogs; however it DOES NOT make you a conscientious breeder. You must have a clear idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your bitch and a goal towards which you are breeding. If your goal is financial, please read “Are You Ready to be a Bulldog Breeder?” below.

A conscientious breeder reads the pedigrees of the dogs they are considering for stud and understand how they mesh with that of your bitch. The more you know about the dogs in the pedigrees, and the more dogs you have actually seen, the better will you be able to evaluate the potential success of the alternative matings. You should talk to your bitch's breeder and other breeders for advice. They usually are friendly and helpful. It will be time well spent.

A conscientious breeder does NOT breed a bitch before she is a year and a half old (by which time she should have had two or three seasons) NOR after she is five years old without a veterinary health clearance. A conscientious breeder does not breed a bitch more than three times without a veterinary clearance and frequently breeds fewer than three times. Since the timing of the cycle differs from bitch to bitch, this means a bitch will be bred for the first time no earlier than about a year and a half (for one with a short cycle) and no later than about two and a half (for one with a long cycle). Of course, if you are actively showing a bitch, you may want to modify this if she is close to finishing. Some bitches never regain their shape after breeding. Although some judges give them leeway, you don't want to have to count on this for a promising bitch.