The below summarizes information sent out by the AKC on June 24, 2014 to streamline the application process for shows and to clarify its National Owner Handler Series Policy.  Since clubs are now planning affected shows, you need to know this to assist in your planning.

  • The Board clarified its intention regarding the National Owner Handler Series.  The Board did not intend Specialty Clubs to be required to hold the NOHS if a competitive special attraction is held at the show.  This means you can hold Best Puppy, Best Bred-by and Best Veteran without being required to hold the NOHS competition.  You may hold the NOHS Competition if you want to, but are no longer required to hold it.
  • For event applications (including matches), the AKC will now accept the signature of the Event Chairperson in lieu of an officer’s signature on applications, recognizing that clubs have delegated authority to the chairperson to apply for the event and judging panels. Pending and approval notices will continue to be sent to the club Secretary when applications are processed.
  • Approval of more than four days of unique AKC conformation events is contingent upon exceptional site capabilities, Executive Field Staff recommendation, and subsequent site approval by Event Plans. There is a checklist for site inspection. Clusters of more than five days of unique AKC conformation events will not be approved except in the case of National Specialties and associated events hosted by the Parent clubs or specialty clubs of the same breed.
  • The AKC has extended the Common Site Application and Host Club Permission letters to be effective for one, multiple or indefinite year(s).  These forms are now available for use.