Carefully Choose Your Bulldog Puppy Breeder

Often referred to as "English" Bulldogs it is important you choose your Bulldog,
whether it is a puppy or adult, wisely. Find an English Bulldog with help from Bulldog experts in the Bulldog Club of America Breeder Directory.

So you have decided to find a Bulldog and are wondering what you're supposed to do next. Several things are important before you can take your dog home with you. First, you have to choose your dog. Do your research before you buy. Decide whether a Bulldog is the right dog for your lifestyle. Read the pages in the menu to get more information and help you find a bulldog that is right for you.

For help in locating a Bulldog breeder who cares enough about the breed to be a member of the Bulldog Club of America and follow its Breeder Code of Ethics please visit our approved Breeders by clicking the button below.

Whether you are looking for an adult pet Bulldog, Bulldog puppy or a Bulldog Stud for breeding (if you own a female), it is important you choose your breeder wisely.

Find a Bulldog

Careful selection of a Bulldog breeder will ensure you will find a Bulldog puppy that will be a healthy well-adjusted member of your family. Buying a puppy on impulse often leads to trouble down the road. Before buying a puppy (or an adult Bulldog), do your research on the breed to decide whether a Bulldog may be a good choice for you. The pages on this site provide valuable information and references to other articles.

Bulldogs cost more to buy than many other breeds. The cost is higher because they have smaller litters, the costs of breeding are higher, and it is harder to raise a litter than in other breeds. By the time the puppies have been weaned and are ready to go to a new home - usually between 8 weeks and 16 weeks old - you can be reasonably sure that the puppy will not have major, undetected health problems.

All Bulldog puppies are adorable.

You need to make sure that you find the right one for your household. The first consideration is why you chose a Bulldog. All make wonderful pets, but some can become show dogs as well.

If you want a pet to liven up your household and bring love to everyone, a Bulldog is a good choice. According to the Standard for the breed, a properly bred Bulldog will have an equable and kind disposition, be resolute and courageous (not vicious or aggressive) and exhibit a pacific and dignified demeanor, all of which the expression and behavior reinforce.


These pages assume that you have familiarized yourself with information about the Bulldog under About Bulldogs in addition to reading the pages in this section. If you haven't read them, please do so to be sure a Bulldog is right for you and your family. You have the option of getting a Bulldog from a responsible Bulldog Rescue organization or from a reputable Bulldog Breeder.

Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network (BCARN)

The Rescue pages on this site provide information on those affiliated with BCA who work at finding new homes for Bulldogs without owners.  There are some advantages to getting an adult dog from the Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network (BCARN) -- they are usually past the chewing stage and may be already house-trained, any current medical problems have been diagnosed, and the temperament has been evaluated. But they may not be as cute and appealing as a puppy, or may have “baggage” that you don’t want to deal with. And the wait can be long for you to be matched up with a suitable rescued Bulldog. Some people prefer to get a puppy “so it can grow up with the children” or “be trained the way I want it” or for other reasons.


If you are persuaded that you need to get a Bulldog, please do your research carefully.