Club History

The Chaparral Bulldog Club was founded in New Mexico in 1964 by Ancil Morton. Occasionally you can still find offspring of Mr. Morton's line of breeding in New Mexico.The club held its first AKC-licensed specialty show on May 9, 1969, with a total of 25 Bulldogs. The club's membership has fluctuated many times with a few of the old timers from the 1970s still residing in New Mexico.

The minutes of the early years lists members Ancil and Nedra Morton, Wilma Cox, Bill and Sally Cleland, Ken and Charlene Johnson, John Williams, LeRoy Rodgers and Shirley Polson.

The Chaparral Bulldog Club is dedicated to educating Bulldoggers throughout the state. The club has relied on its newsletter for contact, but the Internet is also available.

The club covers more than 100,000 square miles of desert and mountains. For m-any years the officers have driven 500 miles round-trip to attend meetings.



Vice President


Annie Yarick
1810 Calle De Sebastian K-2
Santa Fe NM, 87505
505- 988-7270


Board of Directors

Fran Brock
Don Dell
Annie Yarick

Breeder Referral

Angie Domienik

n recent years, membership of the club has averaged 50+ members with about 15% involved in showing or obedience/performance. There were 67 club members in 2005.

Most club members have one or two Bulldogs and belong to this club for contact and information.

In the early 1990s, the club had 12 members and averaged one or two Bulldog Rescue projects per year. However, during the past few years, there have been 10-15 rescues per year.

Due to the geographical challenge, the CBC has a difficult time getting together for social events, but when the occasion arises the members respond. That is what the Chaparral Bulldog Club is all about.