Club History

The Bulldog Club of Philadelphia was founded in 1907. There were 100 members.

The monthly newsletter is called the Liberty Bull.

In 1912, it was the first Bulldog Club to become a member club of the American Kennel Club. The AKC recognizes the Bulldog Club of Philadelphia as the first and oldest Bulldog club based on its membership with the AKC.

Membership by a specialty club requires a delegate to the AKC. Donald Foote was AKC Delegate for many years. Elmer Bredt also served as AKC Delegate for several years.  Lynn Smith is the Current Delegate.

In 1990, membership dues were  raised to $10 for an individual and $12 for a two- member family.

For many years the club's specialty show was held in conjunction with the Philadelphia Kennel Club's all-breed show.  It's Sprig show is now part of a four specialty cluster held with other Division I specialty clubs in April.


1st Vice President

2nd Vice President


Peggy Gorbe
21 Manhattan St
Jackson, NJ 08527


Brian Parkes

Board of Directors

Thomas Barone
Linda Lathrop
Kristine Parkes
Earle McCloe
Pauline DeVito

AKC Delegate

The club held its first independent specialty show in 1992 at the Armory Inn, Bordentown, New Jersey. It was judged by Delmar Shackleford of Indiana. Sweepstakes classes were judged by Lois Shrout, formerly of California and then Indiana.

In 1995 the club initiated its trophy exchange program with other Bulldog clubs within and outside of the United States.

In 1996 the club adopted a membership requirement that created both voting and non-voting members. This better enabled the club to have quorums present at meetings. Previously, 10 percent of the membership was required to conduct official business.  Its By-laws were completely revised in 2012.

The club held its 100th Anniversary Show in 2007 and hosted the National Show in 2008.