Club History

n December 1,1946, a group of bulldoggers met at the home of Mrs. Sylvester Secor to discuss the formation of a bulldog club in the New York City/Long Island area. Present at this meeting were: Mrs. Arthur Norris, Mrs. Charles Whitney, Mrs. Robert Maxwell, Mr. Alvah Bright, William Hardman, Mrs. Eloise Bennett, Mrs. Sylvester Secor.

It was agreed that the club would be known as “Long Island Bulldog Club” and that the annual dues would be $5 for each member. Work began to draft a constitution and bylaws, create a club logo, and that contact would be made with the Bulldog Club of America and The American Kennel Club.

The third meeting on January 5, 1947, was attended by 37 bulldoggers, and the constitution and bylaws were reviewed and accepted. The following officers for 1947 were nominated and accepted as follows: President: Carlos Henriquez Jr; Vice Presidents: Sylvester B. Secor, Eugene Whitney; Treasurer: Charles Whitney.



Karen Peterson

Vice President

Joseph Chen


Karen Peterson


Linda Fiordiliso

Board of Directors

Laurette Richin
Tina Ditoro
Cody Sickle

Mrs. Secor was nominated and accepted as secretary at the previous meeting.

The president read a letter from the Westbury Kennel Association inviting the L.I.B.C. to hold a specialty show in conjunction with its September all-breed show.

Mr. Henriquez stated goal should be 100 members and 100 bulldogs at this first specialty show. Membership, specialty show, and publicity committees were appointed.

The first specialty show was held in conjunction with the 25th anniversary show of the Westbury Kennel Association on September 28, 1947. The entry was 115 bulldogs, an astounding number for that period, and the judges were: Best of breed, Best of Opposite, Dogs - Arthur Forbush; Bitches - James Allen

This history was provided by Ron Jacobsen (club historian) from original club minutes. All club minutes in the club's long history have been retained.