Club History

Thoughts of formally establishing a Toledo Bulldog Club began in the early 1970s. At that time, Hank Foster, who became the TBC’s first president, Fred and Lois Adams, and Bob and Irene McVicker got together to form a new Bulldog club in northwestern Ohio. They recruited some additional members and began planning Bulldog puppy matches. They sponsored several successful matches after obtaining American Kennel Club approval.

The group reorganized in the late 1970s, and Dick Paul became president. Barbara Carmen was secretary. The Toledo Bulldog Club’s first specialty show was held in 1980 after concerted efforts by Barbara Carmen, Dick Paul and some other members to obtain the Bulldog Club of America's and AKC’s approval to conduct shows.

The first specialty was held at the Holiday Inn in Perrysburg, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo. The regular classes were judged by Steven Averill with Ray Knudson judging Sweepstakes classes. TBC held its second Specialty show in May 1981, and joined with the Detroit Bulldog Club that same year in October for their first combined specialties on the same weekend. It was also held in Perrysburg, Ohio.

The combined Toledo and Detroit specialty shows have continued to the present time, with the exception of a few years where mutual arrangements could not be made. During those years, the Toledo Bulldog Club held its specialty show with a club member acting as show secretary or teamed with the local Combined Specialty Clubs of Toledo which featured some other breeds as well as Bulldogs.

The pet owners in the club worked diligently along with breeders and owners dedicated to showing Bulldogs to produce some highly successful show weekends over the last several years. Other Bulldog clubs and Bulldog people, who were not members of the club also assisted the TBC.

All people involved in the formation of the Toledo Bulldog Club and its continued support are owed the club’s appreciation. TBC's informal partnership with the Detroit Bulldog Club is largely responsible for contributing to the club's specialty show successes and survival.

Dick and Nancy Paul