Finding a Bulldog Veterinarian

Your Vet must be experienced in handling Bulldogs - the more, the better.  There are usually several experienced Vets in any area and the local Bulldog club or local Bulldoggers can help you in finding a Vet in your area.
It's worth traveling farther to see a Vet that sees many Bulldogs - they can diagnose and treat them better than a Vet who is less familiar with the breed.

This is important for everyday care and may mean the successful treatment outcome in some cases.

The  list of Veterinarians and resources to find a good Bulldog Vet is provided as just one resource to help you in your efforts to provide the best care possible for your Bulldog.

Veterinarians (PDF)
  • Bulldogs have more difficulty with anesthesia than other breeds because of their unique breathing configuration..  A more experienced Vet will know when not to use anesthesia and how much to use when it's needed.

  • In the event there is not a local veterinarian in the above list contact a local Bulldog Club or approved breeders on the BCA Breeder Referral list.  They will know which veterinarians have experience with the breed and be able to direct you a veterinarian to care for your dog's health needs.

  • Finding Local Clubs in your area will help you find a Veterinarian that has Bulldog experience.

  • Look for Approved Breeders close to you to ask for advice on Veterinarians close to you that have Bulldog experience.

  • When you are traveling you can consult an on-line Veterinary Database.