The Bulldog Club of America is happy and proud to announce a 3-year partnership with Lucy Pet Foods.

We did our research on Lucy Pet Products and are very impressed by their food and their mission to make animals’ lives better through nutrition. In addition, their transparency throughout the entire pet food manufacturing process is second to none.

Lucy Pet was founded by Joey Herrick, a 35-year veteran of the pet food industry. After selling his first pet food company several years prior, there wasn’t a food out there that he trusted for his own dogs. So, he started Lucy Pet Foods, and he bought his own manufacturing plant in Southern California. To quote Joey, “The only way to know what’s in your pet’s food today is to own the plant that makes it.” He also spent over a million dollars on a state-of-the-art lab to test all facets of the production from start, middle and most importantly, finished goods.

Lucy Pet Foods is developing a Breeder program that will include puppy packs as well as bring cost savings to all club members. Lucy Pet Foods will also provide food prizes for Bulldog shows across the country.

We have also talked to several Bulldog breeders who have used the products for many years and are extremely happy with the results on their dogs.

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BCA Liaison Jodi Ball

For additional Breeder Program and Puppy Pack information please email us

KTLA Pet Food Safety Lab with Gayle Anderson - Jan 8, 2024 from Lucy Pet on Vimeo.