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Official akclogo Bulldog Club

Official akclogo Bulldog Club

Firedog Bulldogs

Firedog Bulldogs

Napa, Napa County, California, United States
Firedog Bulldogs Firedog Bulldogs
Sire: CH Spiveys Silver Solid
Dam: Spiveys Silver SaFire

BCA Breeder Referral Member: Yes

List Health Testing:

Sire OFA CHIC#178578;
AFH Platinum Level

Dam OFA CHIC#150099;
AFH Gold Level

My Bulldogs Compete in Events:

AKC Conformation

I am a Member of the Following Clubs:

The Bulldog Club of America

The Bulldog Club of Northern California

Breeder Profile:

My Bulldogs are my pets first and live in my home. Their health, welfare and happiness always comes first. My puppy families become a part of my family too.


I do very limited breeding, only when I am ready for another puppy to show myself. My pet puppies are sold with AKC Limited registration with spay/neuter contracts. Show potentials are sold with AKC Full registration and I stay listed as co-owner until the time they are spayed/neutered. All puppies are microchipped and have health guarantees. With the few litters that I have bred, I have finished a champion, a grand champion, and three more are champion-pointed with one almost being finished. The majority of my babies just live happy, spoiled lives, as it should be.

AKC BCA standard colors only. Please do not contact me if you are a non-standard ‘color’ breeder.

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