Official akclogo Bulldog Club

Official akclogo Bulldog Club

Font A Nose Bulldogs

Font A Nose Bulldogs

Lebanon, Oregon, United States
Font A Nose Bulldogs Font A Nose Bulldogs
Sire: CH Jester's Make It Rain
Dam: CH Font A Noses Oreo

BCA Breeder Referral Member: Yes

List Health Testing:

Julio is clear for both HUU and Cystenuria.
Heart and Patella' normal.
Oreo is normal for Trachea , Cardiac and Thyroid. She graded a 1 for BOAS

My Bulldogs Compete in Events:

Conformation, fast cat, Canine Good Citizen, Trick Dog

I am a Member of the Following Clubs:

Southwest Oregon Bulldog Club
Oregon State Bulldog Club
Division V

Breeder Profile:

I am a preservationist breeder. I dont breed the latest fads but stick to the standard as it is written. My dogs live on a farm and run on it under my supervision. I let my dogs be dogs!

I have had one Best in Show at a Specialty and just finished my 23rd Bred By Champion. I am currently judging bulldogs and applying for all the rest of the Non Sporting Breeds.

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