Official akclogo Bulldog Club

Official akclogo Bulldog Club

24 07, 2021

Hot Dogs!

Bulldog owners are generally aware of the dangers of hot summer temperatures, but many other dog owners are not. Feel free to share this so that any unaware dog owner can learn from the message.

30 05, 2021

Health Implications in Early Spay and Neuter

Recent results from research funded by the AKC Canine Health Foundation have the potential to significantly impact recommendations for spaying and neutering dogs in the United States. Most dogs in the United States are spayed or neutered, and for years the procedures have been completed prior to maturity. The study, published in the prominent, open access journal PLOS One, suggests that veterinarians should be more cautious about the age at which they spay and neuter in order to protect the overall health of dogs.

4 06, 2020

Yeast Problems in Dogs

Quality food is a must for skin problems, no corn wheat or soy, no grains at all in some cases. Quality foods have brown rice, pea flour, rice flour, all fillers are grain free. White rice is not as good but acceptable unless you are trying to eliminate all sugars. Omega 3 is important for good skin. Supplementing like Vit E or fish oil including Cod liver oil, can be taken very successfully also. Just remember dogs need twice as much supplement as humans because of their metabolism.


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