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Bulldog History in Images

A collection of drawings and photos from many different eras Many of these photos have descriptive captions when clicked.  These images on not in chronological order. More images of the National Show Best [read more.....]

Your new puppy

A 9 week old puppy has been alive for 63 days. He is leaving everything familiar and safe, then brought to a home where everything is new...sights, sounds, smells, new people and new surroundings [read more.....]

How Much for a Puppy?

Let me say a few words to you, yes you, the person who writes an email to simply ask the price. The person who calls and after hearing a price surprisingly states: “I [read more.....]

Yeast Problems in Dogs

Applies to Bulldogs as well as other dogs. Small amounts of Malasezzia AND Candida albicans are natural occurring yeasts on humans and animals, it is when it gets out of control that problems occur. [read more.....]

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