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Club History

On January 6, 1958, Mr. G. Ed Terrell, formerly of Texas and a new resident of St. Louis, wrote to Richard Maze of Houston requesting help in founding a bulldog specialty club at St. Louis, Missouri.Mr. Terrell had moved to the St. Louis area from Dallas, Texas, due to a job transfer. Mr. Terrell explained that he missed his bulldog club and the members of the Lone Star Bulldog Club.

He told Mr. Maze that he has met some fine bulldoggers such as the Ralph Beahringers, Tom Flanagans, George Kisslingers, Robert Hegges etc. in the St. Louis area and that they were eager to get a club started. He also assured Mr. Maze that he could count on support from Bernie Brooks and Dr. H. P. Bockrath.



Vice President


Jim Privitor
147 Kersting Farms Dr
O’Fallon MO 63366
314-304-3888 (cell)


Board of Directors

Joyce Fults
Georgia Raglan
Patrick Kennedy


Richard Maze replied on January 11, 1958 in a letter describing the steps necessary to apply for an AKC license that would officially form a new specialty club.

Mr. Terrell then mailed out invitations informing some prospective members of the first organizational meeting scheduled on February 9, 1958. Those present for the first meeting were: George and Ann Kisslinger, Bob and Virginia Hegge, Ralph and Mildred Beahringer, Tom and Terry Flanagen, Lloyd and Dorys Bruening, M. F. And Della Mitchell, Bernie Brooks and Ed and Billie Terrell.

At the March 1958 meeting at the home of Bernie Brooks officers were elected. They were: Ed Terrell president; Bernie Brooks, vice President; and Robert Hegge, secretary-treasurer. They named the club Bulldog Club of Greater St. Louis. The constitution and bylaws also were approved.

Charter members were: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Beahringer, Bernie Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bruening, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Easley, Mr. and Mrs.Tom Flanagan, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hegge, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. George Kisslinger, Mr. and Mrs. George Martinez, Mr. And Mrs. M. F. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. G. Ed Terrell, Mr. and Mrs. Al Vyver, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yost.

In August 1958, Virginia Schirmer was named editor of the club's newsletter named Lotta Bull.

The first sanctioned "B" Match was held October 5, 1958. The entry fee was $1.50. The judge was Dr. James R. Nakada. The entry was 7 dogs and 11 bitches. Best in Match was Watamug's Ceaser The Great and Best Of Opposite Sex was Bobby's Blimey Girl. The show was held at the R-9 Community Center in Lemay, Mo.

The second "B" match was held Jan, 11,1959. Judge Mildred Tebeau judged 6 dogs and 12 bitches at the same location.

The first "A" match was held October 11th 1959. Jesse Elliot was the judge of 11 dogs and 12 bitches. The second "A" match was held May 21,1960. The judge was George Lamb who judged 13 dogs and 8 bitches at the same location. Records show a profit of $32.26 for the match.

The first Bulldog Club of Greater St. Louis Specialty was held May 20, 1961 in conjunction with the Combined Specialty Clubs of St. Louis. The show was held at the St. Louis Arena. The judge was Paul Maddux of Indiana. There were 15 dogs, 15 bitches. and 4 champions. Best of Breed was Ch. Jumboliah of SMR. Best of Opposite Sex was Ch. Bobby's Blimey Girl.

The membership list in December 1958 had 37 members. Each month the club members appeared to have held their meetings the second Sunday of each month at 2 pm. That time and date is still current.

Among some of the early specialty shows hosted by the Bulldog Club of Greater St. Louis were shows held on April 20, 1963. Judge Lloyd Lentz awarded Best of Breed to Ch. Vardona Ideal Snowman; the fourth specialty on May 16, 1964, Judge William Schrader gave Best of Breed was Mim-Jim's Buckie Too Of Cha- Ru; the sixth specialty on May 21, 1961 was judged by Marie Andree, who awarded Best of Breed to Shackleford's Sherlock; and the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th specialties from 1969-1972 were judged Paul Maddux, C.D. Richardson, Charles T. Nelson and Doug Wilson, all of whom awarded Best of Breed to Ch. Min-A-Sota Fats Of Kelly Road, owned by Beyrl and Pedie Gould.

The club hosted the BCA National Specialty show at St. Louis in 1993. The judge was Dr. Saul D Schor, His Best of Breed was Ch. Warmvalley Gillie's Sophie and Best of Opposite Sex was Ch. Newcomb's Desert Victory.

There were 37 people on the 2004 membership list. Officers are: President Lyn Cocks, Vice President Mike Bassett, Secretary Karen Scott, and Treasurer Evelyn Hotze. The Board of Directors consists of Rick Hart, Ted Coburn, and Ted Hirschi.

Submitted by Karen Scott