Club History

The South West Oregon Bulldog Club was founded and incorporated in June 1967. Club meetings were then held in Eugene, Oregon, where the majority of the club members lived.

The boundaries of the club cover the entire southwestern region of the state from the Oregon-California border north to Bend, Oregon, and across the state to the Pacific Ocean.

Our members live in a very wide area with some of our members driving as long as three hours one way to monthly meetings. It still has one of the club's original founding members in the club today.

While its early specialties were held in Eugene, for a couple of years the club hosted its specialty shows on the same weekend with the Oregon State Bulldog Club. For many years, it held some of its specialty on the Pacific coast in conjunction with an all-breed kennel club there. The club's current back-to-back annual specialties are being held in Corvallis, Oregon, and the two specialties are averaging about 75 entries.

Membership has gone up and down over the years, and for many years, South West Oregon Bulldog Club considered itself the smallest Bulldog club in the world.

Many Bulldoggers may remember buying honorary memberships to this club at the 1984 Bulldog Club of America National Specialty show held in Portland.

During its lean membership years, three working members kept the club going and hosting a specialty show every year. Since the club was so small, its specialties were known for its relaxed and enjoyable no-host pizza parties.



Cheryl Perreard

Vice President

Laura Smith


P.O. Box 1610
North Bend, OR 97459
(H) 541-759-1056
(C) 541-808-7310


Board of Directors

Erica Peters
Dave Williams
Brenda Fontanos

Breed Advisor

Education Coordinator

Health Education Coordinator

Legislative Liaison

Rescue Coordinator

Although South West Oregon Bulldog Club is small, its membership has increased somewhat, and the majority of its members do show their dogs. The club is also involved with different pet projects in various communities with members participating in events in their local areas.

For those members who do not show dogs, members who exhibit at shows try to involve them with their bulldogs at the meetings by training and socializing their dogs.

Most members admit that they are just proud to be owned by their Bulldogs.