Club History

The Oregon State Bulldog Club was founded in August of 1948 by Ray G. Brown, president; Mrs. G. A. Nelson, vice president; and Mrs. L.A. “Pat” Thompson, secretary-treasurer.Other founding members included Edna Davidson, and Wally and Nita Flager. The club became an incorporated “Public Benefit Corporation” in 1951, with a mission to educate the public about Bulldogs and to promote them at competitive AKC-licensed dog shows.

Early shows were "benched" (in stalls) and held at the Lloyd Center in Portland. Later shows were held at the Armory on NE 33rd Ave in Portland. At some point the club began hosting two annual shows, one in the fall and one the first weekend in January.

The club changed to unbenched shows in the mid-1970s.

In 1970, OSBC hosted the first Bulldog Walk in the country. The purpose was to commemorate the original Bulldog Walk helo in England in 1892, but also to demonstrate that Bulldogs can take a long walk with no ill effects! (14 dogs walked 2 miles, and all the dogs were able to finish.)



Vice President

Secretary / Treasurer

Linda Eells
18101 Selida Rd
Oregon City, OR 97045

Member at Large

Rescue Coordinator

Webmaster/Facebook Administrator

OSBC has hosted Bulldog Club of America National specialty shows in 1967, 1984, and 2000. BCA presidents then were: Hamilton Webert, Wally Newbill, Birdie Newbill and Claudia Brown, all OSBC members.

Some of the individual members who have brought many honors to the club are:
· Members in the Bulldog Club of America Hall of Fame; Birdie Newbill, Ham Webert, Dorothy West, Pat Thompson and Wally Newbill.
· Wally and Birdie Newbill of Vancouver both served two-year terms as president of the Bulldog Club of America. (Birdie was the first woman president of the parent club.)
· Several members have been world class judges.
· Marshall’s Mitey KW, bred and owned by Roger and Harriet Marshall, won the Bulldog Club of America National Show and was handled by Roger Marshall.
· Members Charlotte Bonham, Roger and Harriet Marshall are members of the Bulldog Club of America Breeders Hall of Fame.

In addition to competing in conformation, OSBC members and their Bulldogs compete in Obedience Trials, Rally and serve as Therapy Dogs. OSBC members participate in other activities, including the AKC sponsored Responsible Dog Owners program.