Upon receipt of a complaint (See Breeder Complaint Form PDF or Breeder Complaint Form Online) against an approved BCA Breeder, a BCA Grievance Committee shall have the delegated authority and responsibility to investigate the charges by the complainant, request additional information from and discuss the complaint with the complainant and the member(s) against whom the complaint was lodged.

If the substantiated charges constitute a violation of the Breeder’s Code of Ethics, the Grievance Committee, by a majority vote, may recommend the following disciplines:

  • Written warning to the Breeder without publication to the website.

  • Written warning to the Breeder with publication to the website;

  • Six-month suspension of privilege to be included on Division Approved Breeder Referral;

  • Listing and publication of suspension onto website.

  • One year suspension of privilege be included on Division Approved Breeder Referral Listing and publication of suspension onto website; or

  • Permanent Removal from the Breeder Directory

When a Complaint is Filed

A complaint against an approved Breeder Referral Member may be initiated only by the purchaser of the puppy and MUST be submitted to the appropriate Division Secretary on the approved Breeder Complaint Form (PDF) or Online Breeder Complaint Form. 

The Division Secretary shall return any complaint not submitted on the Division-approved Breeder Complaint Form  and instruct the Complainant that their complaint, to be considered by the Division, must be submitted on the required Breeder Complaint Form.  A Division Board ruling on all duly submitted complaints shall be made within ninety (90) days of its receipt.

Upon receipt of a properly submitted complaint, the Division President shall appoint the Grievance Committee, designate a Grievance Chairperson and forward a copy of the complaint to the Grievance Chairperson.  Recognizing a decision is required within ninety (90) days of submission, the following investigation process and timeline is recommended; although not mandatory

Grievance Committee Teleconference (within 10 days of complaint receipt).

The Grievance Committee shall initially determine if the actions alleged, if proven, constitute a violation of the Breeder’s Code of Ethics.  If not, the Chairperson shall provide a written ruling to the Complainant and the referenced Division approved Breeder of its recommendation to the Division to dismiss the complaint without further investigation, at its next regularly scheduled quarterly Board Meeting.

If the actions alleged, if proven, would constitute a violation of the Breeder’s Code of Ethics, and/or if the Grievance Committee requires additional information to reach this determination, an investigation shall be opened.  Upon the opening of an investigation, the Grievance Committee Chair shall provide written notification, via certified mail, of its receipt and acceptance of the Complaint to the Complainant and shall provide a copy of the complaint and Complainant Correspondence to the BCA Breeder Referral Member alleged to have violated our Breeder’s Code of Ethics.  This correspondence shall include information requests by the Committee necessary to conclude a violation of BCA’s Breeder’s Code of Ethics.

Conclusion of Investigation/Research/Information Requests Phase (within 45 days of complaint receipt.)

The Complainant/BCA Breeder Referral Member shall comply with all Grievance Committee stated deadlines for the Committee’s receipt of requested information. Late submissions may be accepted at the discretion of the Grievance Committee Chairperson.

Grievance Committee Teleconference/Meeting (within 75 days of complaint receipt).

Upon expiration of the Investigation Phase, the Grievance Committee Chairperson shall convene a teleconference meeting of the Grievance Committee at which, a ruling recommendation shall be determined and forwarded to the Division Secretary for consideration by the Division Board at its next regularly scheduled Board Meeting and/or special meeting of the Board (as necessary to render a Division Board ruling within ninety (90) days of the complaints receipt. All Division Board Rulings are FINAL and not subject to further review.