Tampa Bay BC

Club History

There is very little documentation available at this time about when Tampa Bay Bulldog Club was first organized. A few documents have been pieced together to provide this bit of history. There is some evidence that the club was founded in 1982.

The first club president was Elsie Powers, vice-president was Charlie Bains, and the secretary was Kitty Pike.

The first club newsletter was created in January 1983, with Jim Smith and Bruce Lorenzen listed as staff editors.

In the first issue, a list of the Best In Show dogs was listed for the Florida Circuit of dog shows, but there were no bulldogs listed.

During this time of its early development, TBBC business meetings were held at the homes of various club members along with a potluck dinner.



Caroline Wilson

Vice President

Mike Brunk


Ann Wagner
952 Magellan Dr
Sarasota, Florida 34243


Roger Slater

Board of Directors

Tamara Hasty
Mary Brunk
Scott Johnson

Rescue Coordinator

Sam Stedding

Breeder Referral
Newsletter Editor

Elaine Arrastia


The May 1983 for the first time a meeting was held in Tampa at the Expressway Inn, which no longer exists. Potluck dinners remained a primary feature of each business meeting.

In July 1983, a fun match was held in Edward Minard Park at Plant City. Carol Columbo and Rae Rider were the food coordinators, and Sam Steding was the match chairman. This was also where the regular July 1983 club meeting was held. Rita Phethean was the judge for this match.

In the December newsletter, the first TBBC logo was published. The logo was revised in October 1984.

The new officers for 1984 were announced: President: James (Ed) Pike; Vice-President, Jim Lovett; Secretary, Sam Steding; Treasurer, Jim Smith; Three-year Board Member, Rae Rider; Historian, Kathy Hoppstadter; Newsletter Editor, Sam Steding.

Information compiled by Bev Robinson