AKC Gazette

November 1993

Ray Knudson




Jane R. Lamarine, treasurer of the G. M. Beckett Memorial Committee, contributed the following report.

Beckett Award Winners Announced

The George M. Beckett Memorial Committee is proud to announce the winners of the G. M Beckett 1992 Memorial Award for the five-year period from January 1, 1988, through December 31, 1992 (Editor’s note: As mentioned in the February GAZETTE, this award is given by the Bulldog Club of America to the breeders of the American-bred sire and dam that have produced the greatest number of champion offspring in the preceding five years.)

The American-bred sire producing the greatest number of champion get during this period is Ch. Hetherbull’s Bounty’s Frigate, bred by Roberta Arnold of Butler, New York. He sired 26 champions.

There were four American-bred dams tied for this award, each having a total of five champion offspring. They are Ch. Jo-bob’s Duchess of Prestwick, bred by Louis R. and Joan Sclafani of Copiague, New York; Hetherbull Arrogant Ursula, bred by Jean and Robert Hetherington of Swannanoa, North Carolina; Ch. Bowags Po’lar, bred by Beverly and O’Neill Wagner and William Hinkes of Joppa, Maryland; and Ch. Tomel’s Huston Huzzy, bred by Ralph and Barbara McCollum of Midlothian, Texas.

The Beckett Memorial Award is a breeder’s award, and the Committee therefore wishes to express our congratulations to each of the above breeders. – JRL

Thank you, Jane for this good news.

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