AKC Gazette

February 1995

Richard R. Maze




Guest columnist Carole Williams judged one of the three shows at the Bulldog Club of America (BCA) national weekend.

Back Home In Indiana

This could have been the these of Bulldog national week, September 5 through 9. We came from all over the US and Canada, but the hospitality of both host clubs and the Indianapolis Marriott was so exceptional we all felt at home.

The Bulldog Club of Indiana and BCA Division II hosted this event and from arrival to departure they never let down. Congratulations to all for a job well done!

With more than 300 dogs entered each day, spectators were busy watching dogs in one ring and bitches in the other. BB at the BCA under Doug Wilson and at the Bulldog Club of Indiana under Carol Williams was Ch. Prestwick Gwain. BOS at the BCA was Ch. Lorelu Bruce’s I’m Better-N-Sex. BOS the next day was Ch. Cherokee Mardel Sage. On the third day at the BCA Division II show under Fred Fulton, BB was Tiffany’s Look Around and BOS was Cherokee Dakota Robert. The Quality was wonderful and the specials were absolutely breathtaking.

The oldest dog in the BCA’s Veterans class, Samual Elsworth, was 17! He later showed up at the Bulldog Bash costume party with his beard on, being pulled in on his pillow in an Amish wagon followed by a Bulldog friend in Amish dress. He rode out of the party with first prize, wearing his sunglasses.

We were sorry Delmar Shackleford, scheduled to judge dogs and intersex at the national, had a stroke several weeks before and was unable to judge. However, he was smuggled out of the hospital and was at ringside in his wheelchair to make sure Wilson did it right. You can’t keep a good Bulldogger down!

The banquet was a sparkling affair with the ladies glittering and the gentlemen looking their handsome best. I can hardly remember the food for the conversation and fun everyone was having was far more important. Saul Schor led the group in prayer and a moment of silence for those Bulldoggers no longer with us. I have never been able to figure out how he can be such a devil one minute and say a lovely prayer the next! Do you suppose he has multiple personalities?

National week is a time to renew old friendships, make new ones and have a wonderful time. All of those elements were there in Indiana. Bulldoggers are very special people. They are friendly, warm and generous, just like their dogs.

Did you consider that we are the only people who have a name identifying us with our dogs? Bulldoggers. There are no Dobermaners or Boxerers or Brussels Griffoners, but we are Bulldoggers and if you want to know just how special we and our dogs are, start planning for the 1995 BCA national in Washington, DC. – CW

Carol, your prompt report is appreciated.

Richard R. Maze, 45 Carolane Trail, Houston, TX 77024-5120.