An individual member of BCA who breeds or co-breeds a minimum of ten (10) AKC Champions may apply for membership in the BCA Breeder's Hall of Fame.  Further Plateaus of Excellence may be awarded to those breeding 25, 50 or 75 Champions over the course of their breeding program.  Submit your application to Gallery/HOF Chair:  Carla Ehntholt:  E-Mail  713-823-6288

G. William Andree
Ray Duckmanton
Ruth Lebo
Darlene McNeill
Dan Powers
Toni Powers
Lois Shrout
Maxine Murdock
Ruby Grogg
Rosemary M. Logan
Corrine Winick
James Winick
Marie Andree
Charlotte Bonham
Margaret Deyorra
Dixie Little
Winnie Bob Smith
Dr. John F. Gann
Mary Francis Gyles
Frank Lofdahl
Mary Lou Lofdahl
Judy Myers
Maryanne Remington
Jack Segall
Rochelle Segall
Beverly Wagner
O'Neill Wagner
Joan Brower
Wayne Brower
Harriet Marshall
Roger R. Marshall
Cecilia Nelson
Larry Nelson

No Inductees

Kyle Fisher
Cody T. Sickle
Nancy Paul
Richard "Dick" Paul
Darlene Stuedemann
Mrs. Conrad S. Baker (1965)
George M. Beckett (1954)
Frank A. Cox, Jr.
Joyce Dingman
Karl Dingman
Barbara Edwards
Francis "Bud" Edwards
Donald C. Foote
George W. Foster
Dr. Alfred Freedman
Gertrude Freedman
Edna Glass
Beyrl R. Gould
Edith "Pedie" Gould
J. Patrick Hartle
Jean Hetherington
Robert Hetherington
Ernest Hubbard
Margaret Hubbard
Harlon Luttrell
Joyce Luttrell
Richard Maze
L. J. "Hinds" Poth
Harold McElhinny
Carolyn Ragan
C. D. Richardson
Frances T. Richardson
Abe Segal
Suzi Segal
Delmar Shackleford
Dr. Edward Vardon