Commercial Advertising Rates

Dog food, merchandise sales, collectibles, etc.

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— Ad Tips —

1. USE A PROFESSIONAL. We recommend the use of a professional Graphic Designer for these ads.
2. HEADLINE. The headline is an important part of the ad, as it’s the first thing that will be read. It needs to be crisp, attractive, and to the point.
3. DESIGN. Keep the focus of your ad on the dog. Choose typefaces and graphics that are readable and reflect the tone of your ad, whether classic and sophisticated or funky and trendy. Stay inside the ½ in margins.
4. TYPE. Use fonts to create visual hierarchy. Use no more than 3 well contrasting typefaces. Use no smaller than 9pt type for body copy. Only use readable fonts.
5. SPACE. Use black and white space effectively. Too much clutter will repel the reader. Follow the ad size illustration for proper use of space around your ad.
6. PROOF. Proofread your ad. Even though it may seem easy to proofread such a small set of type, errors happen.
Have someone else review your ad also.
7. CONTRAST. In photos, try to make sure there is adequate color contrast between the background and the subject. Shy away from dark and busy backgrounds.
8. PHOTOS. Only use high resolution images – 300ppi or higher. Purchase digital image from photographer if using in an ad for best quality. No cell phone or ipad photos!  If you must scan a photo, scan at a minimum of 300ppi.
9. FILE FORMAT. Acceptable file formats for submission are PDF and JPEG.
10. FILE NAME. When naming your photo or ad file always use this naming convention: last name, initial of fist name - ad number - publication month (two digits), year (two digits). Example: DoeJ-1-0314.pdf.