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The Bulldog Club of America’s  Breeder Referral program is offered to assist potential Bulldog puppy owners in making contact with BCA members in good standing who agree to follow BCA’s Breeder Code of Ethics.  The BCA Bulldog Breeder Referral program strongly recommends that all representations, promises, statements, warranties and guarantees made by either party be in writing and signed by both parties.

Breeder Referral Members listed by State Click Here

BCA Breeder Referral Members:  If you would like the information shown here changed please login.  After logging in click back to here, scroll to the bottom of this map to add your additional or changed information.  Pending approval your information will be changed.  You may include additional photos and updated information about your Bulldogs.  If you have a website please send a link.  You can advertise your puppies, stud dogs and adult dogs.  Include your latest candid photos, win photos or Bulldogger ads.   There is no additional charge for advertising your Bulldogs at this time.

For information on becoming a BCA Approved Breeder click Here .

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