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As seen in the Editors Topline in Spring 2021 edition of The Bulldogger, Angela Ross will be stepping down as the editor of The Bulldogger after the Fall 2021 edition.

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We are looking for an editor, and as our current editor does 80% of the job of The Bulldogger, maybe we must relook at that!

Let’s all consider this new position as a “Managing” Editor, where all the content is provided in a timely manner and the “Managing” editor is in charge of pulling it all together for the publisher, and getting it published and out in the mail. This would only be possible if volunteers come forward who can take on certain very important positions.

The list of responsibilities was provided by the Current Editor and as you can see most of the action items are accomplished by one person. I also want you to see the names of current volunteers who continue to support our Bulldogger and work very hard in supporting Angela. We do need more help. On the 2nd page of the list, I have grouped multiple responsibilities into tentative groups based on my basic understanding, so don’t hold me to it, just consider the concept!

List of Responsibilities
Tentative Groups

The Bulldogger has always had an advisory board, reinvigorate that, take the last-minute coordination off the few and spread it across a larger group of committed volunteers.

  • Jeff Ryman 425-876-2213 Rotor8@aol.com
  • Cathy Eke 317-695-2829 onlybdogs@aol.com
  • Link Newcomb 714-325-5000 linkn@cox.net
  • Angela Ross 832-628-1134 angela@bloomabul.com

Jeff Ryman, Ad Hoc Committee Chairman, Bulldogger Editor Search